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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dear Buyer,

If possible, leave me a testimonial or comment in this POST!
I would like to improve my services on those who have bought items from me.
I would appreciate it loads. Thanks!


- for negative comments, we will required spree-ers to leave down their email address.

so as to verify the spree-ers' comment is posted by they themselves or anonymous. Otherwise, negative comment with annoymous will not be taken in as one.

How to leave a comment?
Simply just click on the hyperlink comment below to leave a comment.

By using this format:
Spree joined:



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cryingangel- said...

Cynthia's rate of effeciency is good. She's sweet when she found out that i was worried if i could fit into the clothes that i bought from Hollister spree!

Rachelle said...

Very good spree organizer.
Nice attitude, willing to help.

Very very fab service. Haha.

Sexyladiez said...

Hi Cynthia, this is for you =)

I'm a very satisfied buying from elegance arts (forever 21 spree).
I purchase a value of $300+ and to help save on the local postage cost & fear of misplacing..
Cynthia made the great effort to personally send it to me at both our convinience. I appreciate her effort in this case. She's doing a great job..

Anonymous said...

Forever21 #1 -


Initially, I wasn't really pleased with the credit card problem that cropped up and didn't really like the way she handles it, but I realised other organisers do have the same problem too, and she did prove me wrong of her ineffiency, I'M SO GLAD I'VE JOINED YOUR SPREE !!! :):):)

She's a efficent and nice lady, thanks and i've received my items today when you've sent out yesterday, so fast ! And all the relevant details are there to ensure my mail won't get lost, thanks ! :)

Yanling said...

Cynthia's a friendly and efficent spree organizer.

She takes time to reply each email and question you have (i think i've sended her quite a number of emails just after spreeing with her 2times!)so yea very very patient

super reliable too
kudos to you ! ((:

lirong said...

very effective and reliable! thumbs up!1 =)

joleneoh ((: said...

Cynthia's is a very good organiser. She always try to reply email asap as she could. And, Always give me the fullest details.

I'm very happy with a service ya. :] You're doing a great job.(:

Anonymous said...

fast, reliable, hassle-free seller...will definitely deal again =) -kelly

Zine said...

hi! Cynthia is good, fast and efficenct. Her efficency helps to erase uncertainties for new online shoppers like me. I had a wonderful shopping experience with her. =)

Yan Fang said...

Cynthia is a fast & reliable seller... Had a great shopping experience w her(:

ky said...

very friendly seller. very polite and such despite being bombarded by thousands of questions. thank you for the lovely spree!:)

Priscilla said...

she's a very good seller. very fast & reliable. i'll definately look forward for more elegance-arts's spree.

Anonymous said...

LOve my bangles frm F21!(tho its raining glitters! hehe! xD)
my fwen loves it too.
very fast & reliable ^^
very helpful & patient too, in teaching me how to transfer $$.
will buy from u again nxt time! (:

hueijing said...

Cynthia is very nice and patient. Just receive my items from F21 #4 spree. They are exactly as I have ordered. Love them to bits!

Thanks so much!

vivian said...

cynthia is super helpful.
i've received my f21 spree bottoms but unfortunately,i can't fit on both items. of course i'll b upset but cynthia's gd attitude makes me feel better.she's willing to help me sell out the things w/o asking for something in return(:
i really appreciate that!

i'll continue to join the sprees more often too(:
thanks so much,girl!

PL said...

Bought stuff from her wardrobe clearance.. and recently her in-stock items. Got all these items in good condition and within a couple of days.

I've got no complaints about her at all!

vogue-chic said...

despite the high prices, cynthia is amazing. keep up the good work.

Ruomin said...

hey Cynthia i joined ur forever21 #6 and im soo glad that i joined ur spree. the forever21 stuff arrive REALLY fast and im so happy with my high-waist shorts, fits me perfectly(luckily u ordered early and gotten me a size S) :)Thank you so much for the spree

p.s : ur shipping charges and handling fees are really high but i will still continue to join ur sprees


meihui said...

Good spree orgranizer!! very patient.

she made a great effort to answer all my qns. :)

will join her spree again :))

Anonymous said...

Cynthia made a sucessful website to bring in so many sprees for us, very reliable and indeed i received my orders before 3weeks. Great seller. Join her spree too! :D

lynnda said...

It was my first time joining this spree organize by Cynthia She's great, patience, helpful and try her best to reply my enquiries through e-mails. I have received my orders in good conditions too. Thank you so much for the spree =))

Anonymous said...

I received my f21 item very fast.
Shes really nice too!
Much love Cynthia!

Yuan Ting said...

i participated in her wetseal #3 and i must say that she was efficient and patient in answering my 101 questions. haha.

collection was smooth, without any hassle at all.

would love to spree with you again!
yes exchange rate is a little on the high side but i understand the rationale behind it.

keep me updated about your future sprees! :)

Li Jun said...

She's really a great spree organiser.
I received my items very fast. Even i could not believe it can be that fast. Okay lol.
Thanks a lot Cynthia!
Will continue to join your sprees you will be orgainising in future.

Amanda said...


Thanks for being such a responsible organizer, going all out to retrieve my lost parcel :) Thanks so much! Will love to spree with you again.

zefashionista said...

i have participated in three of her sprees and she has never let me down. (two which has arrived and one pending) accomodating and patient, she is definitely one spree organizer i'll keep coming back to! :) thanks sooo much cynthia!

Anonymous said...

Very responsible organizer, trust-worthy and I know things won't go wrong in her sprees! Honestly

But would you send us our tracking numbers and tell us if you've mailed it out after you have done so, so that we can expect when it can come? Thanks so much =) You're a great spree conductor!

2 thumbs up

Debra said...

Hey Cynthia, I'm a first time buyer recommanded by Lynnda. Your service and fantastic. I really liked it that you kept in contact with me and told me the progress of my order. Thanks again, I will buy from you again.

Anonymous said...

she's just sucha sweetie . trustworthy , efficient and responsible . =) shop with her is never a mistake !

Anonymous said...

hey kelly here, thanks for the meetup on fri....reliable seller!! will buy from ya again =)

SC said...

Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for being so patient answering my questions! Really appreciate the help! I took part in two sprees of yours and I totally trust you! Will definitely buy from you again!

Yuan Ting said...

thank you cynthia once again!
a BIG thumbs up from me! :))

its really worth it spreeing with you.

amanda said...

another succesful spree with you! :)

looking forward for more!

Her daily happenings. said...

Highly recommended seller! fast,efficient & friendly. =D

thanks cynthia!

zahfirah said...

its a pleasure to join your spree. am very satisfied with your service,you even produce a receipt =) very responsible. thanks again.

Kiss me; Love me said...

I'm very satisfised with this babe's spree and attitude to make our transaction an enjoyable one! She is very responsible person and I really love to work with her again!

No doubt, she is a very reliable seller. =)

rin said...

friendly and polite spree organiser, received my items in good condition, will definitely spree with you again! :)) recommended spree organiser!!

Ervi said...

excellent and very efficient! (:

Anonymous said...

hey! definately worth buying from cythia! haha, she's great! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

ive done abt more than 5 sprees with her.
patient lady, brilliantly efficient and reliable.
she was the first person i did my online shopping with and it lasts up till this date.
and from then till now, i can tell that she is really trying her best to negotiate the prices of each spree, which is perfectly in our favour, the customers.
thks cynthia, you really make an excellent sales person.

=) cheers

safrina said...

hey.. one of the good blogshopping owners i haf dealt with.. realli efficient.. n she's so helpful.. n im definitely gonna buy something from u again..

all in all.. great service.. nice lady..

take care

n nice doing business qit u.. :)

Sherwin said...

good blogshopping owner here compared to some others.

fantastic service in terms of refunds, info etc.

highly reccommended!

nice to do business with u.
will be doing more!(thats if theres a spree which im interested!HAHA)

charmaine said...

great spree organizer. fast n efficient. n a big plus cause she's nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with Cynthia's service! She replies quickly and takes effort to calculate correctly how much we need to pay etc. Very efficient and she's also very nice unlike other spree organisers who are very bitchy.

Have been a regular and will definitely continue buying from her. Highly recommend her to my friends as well. Thumbs up! :)

--Amelia Soon

AndreaG said...

Cynthia's a superb spree organiser. Talk about answering a buyer who just piled a mountain of questions for her patiently. Seriously, not many can do that isn't it ? She's sucha sweetheart. :) It's absolutely comfy to do dealings with her. Really.

To Cynthia: Thanks, babe, once again. :) I love the stuffs I got & I'll be looking forward for more transactions with you !

auddie said...

Quick replies, friendly and efficient.
Thanks loads dear!
I received my F21 tee in good condition :))

Fronda said...

Cynthia is a very patient spree organizer. She answers all of my questions and keeps me informed of the status of the spree. She even made the effort to give me the directions to the place of meetup. ^^

The spree i took part in was smooth! Thanks again! :)

sihan said...

Quick and efficient in sending the item to me. recieved it in good condition =) thanks.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured that cynthia will get you your items in tip top condition and at maximum efficiency. she even took to trouble to mail me the shoe box my f21 sandals came in.


RJ said...

cynthia replied to all my questions and emails promptly + item was mailed out quickly. superb service (:

Anonymous said...

spree: zipia #3

i think this is the best 'overseas' spree i've ever had. very smooth. and cynthia's always there to answer my questions. regardless of how big/small the query is. she's always there to clarify for me.

damn good i tell you. LOL! sprees are a definate must with cynthia. =)

thanks dear. look forward to many more transactions with you!


Nat said...

YAY! I love Elegance Arts. Cynthia is SUPER EFFICIENT and NICE man. She will answer all your queries (even if its like really ALOT)(: Spree-ing here is really quick! I LOVE THE STUFFS I RECEIVED! :DDDD Would definitely continue to spree with them!

THANKS x100!

Anonymous said...

Super Seller very recommended
The items were well packed and the shipment was very fast (i live in France)
I will buy again for sure


saywithlovee said...

good, efficient & friendly seller/spree-er.
Dealt quite a number of times with her. Items all in good condition and my spree items arrived really fast!
Keep up the good work, babe!

Elegance Arts, ftw!

chjme said...

fast and smooth transaction, friendly seller, great pair of shorts! thanks dear!!

Anonymous said...

great seller! one of the tops and most popular among my friends (: helped to calculate the prices and even emailed to remind me to transfer the $ (: understood my problem too ((: thanks!

Jeannie said...

One great spree organiser... Cynthia is efficient, responsible, and very helpful. She never fails to update me on the spree status and does refunds immediately.

I've really no regrets and will continue spreeing with her =)

Anonymous said...

An awesome friedly seller with a great attitude to your customers.
Am pleased with your service and will continue to shop with you again.

Anonymous said...

2nd time spreeing with cynthia. received my stuff in great condition. love the heels!!! omg!!! can't wait for old navy! =)


Anonymous said...

hello this is shampooo

i have ordered from her twice already.both times, i am very happy. she is very nice and patient and explain everything very well. she even pay for the excess shipping charges incurred and im thankful for that.
at meet up, she is also punctual and will answer sms's fast fast!

thank you cynthia! i wanna buy here again. yay! ;D

Michelle said...

An efficient and responsible organiser! Cynthia has provide clear explanations and updates on her sprees.

Will continue to spree with her! Keep up the good work! (:

Sherwin said...

Deal with Cynthia a couple of times already.
really very good spree organizer.
*thumbs up


thanks for the prompt and productive service! One of my trusted sellers/spree-ers. (:

tha.lilmatchgirl (: said...

reliable, efficient and lovely! certainly a two thumbs up! ♥

Shanny said...

After spreeing many times with Cynthia, i have to say she's really good at this.
Definitely a very prompt and reliable organiser! Never fail to get my items as soon as it arrives in s'pore.
Good job babe! Will continue to spree with her.

Dorothy said...

good, fast, reliable! rrly answered my 101 qns in details :)
sorry for the trouble caused! will continue to spree with you!

Kengling said...

Nice spree host !
Reliable and effiecient :D

Mayuri Raj said...

i think that you are very efficient,
and you start a new spree almost immediately when one person asks about it, so we all don't have to wait for it.
and you're always open for sprees from new sites, so i think that you're real flexible.
thanks! i'll definitely come back for more (:

seline said...

efficient and very reliable. friendly and fuss free.

Rajes said...

I joined the F21 spree and have collected my stuff. I have had fantastic service from the beginning! Cynthis is so helpful. Being my first ever spree I was so lost but she helped me despite me asking so many questions. Very very pleased with the service :)

Tyan said...

A very good, efficient, helpful, responsible and friendly organizer.
Two thumbs up for for you.
Shall continue to support your F21 spree.


Anonymous said...

though the charges are
quite exp but i guess its quite worth it for all the hospitality and your ever-lasting patience to answer my ever-lasting questions!

you have really made my first spree memorable!
thumbs up! [:

emyegeeayen said...

bought the F21 cardigan thgy frm her 'instocks' section and i'm real pleased with my purchase =D

it's pretty & in brilliant condition woo~!!

thanks for being so friendly & approachable!

p\s: looking to spree with you soon =p

Chua said...

hey there. good and responsible seller. will reply to enquries asked fast. received F21 wallet in great condition. and thks alot.

ling said...

You're the only website that I will turn to for buying imported items (= great job girl!

Anonymous said...

1 x satisfied online spree-er here!


lee said...

cynthia is a very nice classmate.

Aydo said...

i am very new to this online shopping and i'm grateful to have joined Cynthia's spree. She's very helpful, friendly and patience. As you all know there's alot of cases whereby people run away with your money. well,Cyn's spree can be trusted. 100% guaranteed. So Fast.. So good. I'm happy with her sprees.

Anonymous said...

very satisfying and trustworthy. items received are in good conditions and packagings. no fuss and delays. this was what happened, my friend ordered her swell items from another spree organiser and a week later, i ordered swell from Cyn and i received my items a week earlier than my friend. Credits to Cyn. keep up the good job!

redtrafficlight said...

she was very fast in responding her mails and very friendly and does go out of the way to help her customers, thanks (:
would love to deal with her again !

kimberly said...

very efficient spree organiser! thank you very much:)

Anonymous said...

she's really a good organizer of all the spree. she make effort to reply every mails within 12hrs! hope to purchase from her next time :D

emyegeeayen said...

hey! i've received my items =]
i realised i'm like straddling between S & XS, haha!
items arrived in a very intact & secure package. VERY impressed with that, btw =D


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia! Sabrina here.

Spreed with you about 4 times so far if i'm not wrong and there's nothing to complain about, your effienciency is awesome and your packaging is really nice too.

One downside though, the shipping charges are a little steep as compared to other spree sites, albeit they do not have your type of efficiency.

but this is definitely a positive feedback, thanks! (:

Anonymous said...

very prompt seller. :)

Yl said...


She was really helpful and nice even though i asked ALOT of questions.
will definitely spree with her again if i have the chance! :]

venelyn said...

Cynthia's a very nice spree organiser (:
Answers my questions with much patience always (:
Replies my emails fast too.
Considerate and very detailed way of handling the spree stuff.

Great spree organiser (:

Anonymous said...


i love my shoes, and her effort in making sure directions to pickup point was easy to understand <3


Nurul said...

received my Pacsun#02, VS#05, GoJane#11.

definitely positive!
thank you for oraganizing these sprees and taking the time for replying my enquiries through emails and sms.


Anonymous said...

I'm really amazed by Cnythia's efficiency( I received the dress purchased the day afer she sent ) and she's a very nice and understanding person. A good seller like her is appreciated. Thanks a lot(=


Anonymous said...

Cynthia made an effort to reply to all my queries.A friendly,reliable and sincere seller.I bought an In-Stock item from her and it was brand new with a tag.It was also carefully wrapped.Will deal with her again!

carin said...

Cynthia is efficient and is friendly. Very good spree organizer. Thumbs up! :)

Will definitely spree with you again.

rain said...

cynthia's very quick to reply to questions and orders, and would take the effort to follow up on the orders. when the items were out of stock, she informed me immediately and was very patiently helping me to check out the other available designs.

thanks dearie! =)

jasmine said...

She's a great seller, easy to deal with and nice.

will purchase from you again!


scarletbackside said...

haha i love love her sprees i have memorized her account number man! she tried her best to help me order the right shorts size also, cuz f21 measurements are so crappy!

just received the shorts, they fit just nice. thanks again :)

love, theresa

sylvia said...

Cynthia has been an efficient spree organizer! Fast in replying emails and is polite too!
Definitely recommends spree-ing with this lovely organizer! :D

nirah said...

spreeing with Cynthia was fast and pleasant. she's very fast at replying my emails and she seems very nice.

thanks for the good service. :) will definitely look forward to spree with you again.

grace said...

super nice seller! love the VS dress! :)

Anonymous said...

efficient. love dealing with her. it's great that ive stumble upon ur blog! :))


grace said...

super efficient once again! :) hope to deal with you soon!

furliciAa said...

Hi cynthia=) as promised here is ur testimonial.

she is very fast n efficient..
definitely worth the trust.

when looking for the self collection place at raffles she gave good directions n very gladly help me out to find my way there.thanks girl

do buy from her.. she is NICE =D
i bought frm her once n just send her an order for one more batch of F21 spree.. GOD JOB

yu-miki said...

i've received the items today!

thanks for organizing the coastal scents spree!

seaweeded said...

You're really really damn nice and efficient:D Thanks for all the help!!!

Cindy said...

I have only ordered one item so far, but will definitely buy again. I live in the United States and Cynthia was so great in e-mailing back and forth to help me with postage rates, etc. Loved her attitude and helpfulness!

mandy said...

Hi!I just received my item and I must say that the service here is great! Cynthia is fast and very efficient.:)

I'm a happy customer!XD

c00kiebar said...

a very helpful organiser!

vanessa said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks for the UO #8 spree! Shipping & handling fees are rather high, but i'll def continue joining ur sprees in the future. =)

Anonymous said...

Cynthia is very efficient and reliable spree organizer. With patience to reply emails of enquiries.


Subject: Definitely positive
Name: Sharlene
Item Bought: OMG tee and roll cuff tee
Comments: A very efficient spree organiser. Never fails to answer my questions all the time. Hope to buy from you again. Thks aplenty! :D

nurOol*gurll said...

Very efficient and reassuring. Felt safe spree-ing with her. Pretty much hassle free, and am satisfied. Just completed all four spree I (impulsively) joined - getting the last package as soon as I've done the necessary payment and this won't be the last time.

Keep it up :)

val said...

cynthia's real patient and tremendously efficient. thumbs up! you're missing out if you don't spree with her :)

Anonymous said...

she's super helpful and efficient :D two thumbs up!

jerkybeefsome said...

very trustable, fast and friendly. she's good ;-D

Illusionist said...

Cynthia's the best!!! Efficient, easy to contact, lovely, nice! To sum it up one of the BEST BEST BEST spree-organizers around!!!

Thanx babe!! For all the help and the excellent service!!!


blackcatchap said...

Cynthia's effeciency's really superb, she always reply to my mails within 24 hours for sure! very good attitude, friendly and willing to accommodate to most of the requests! and she never fails to clear my doubts about something with a good attitude. best online spree i could ever find! :) love it and i'll continue to support no matter what!

miiko88 said...

Cynthia is an 100% EXCELLENT spree organizer. Shes very friendly, understanding and efficient! I ll definitely spree with her again:) Most imptly i like her "self-collection" mode cos the timing is not too restricted and also convenient.

tiingyii said...

Cynthia is a very helpful spree organizer. Thanks for replying my mails so quickly!

Elise said...

she's great,
really fast and patient (:

Haz said...

she's a fab fab spree organizer! very accomodating & extremely friendly, and i received my item in great condition!

thanks alot, will definitely spree with you again ;)


Angela said...

Cynthia's a very good spree organize.

Easy follow up and timely deliver really impressed! :)

vannielou said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks again for UO spree #9. Thanks for being so friendly, efficient & accomodating!
Will definitely look out for more of your sprees in the future. =)

Anonymous said...

Urban Outfitters #09

a really friendly and efficient organiser! will definitely continue to work with her(:

harpyhorses said...

friendly and efficient seller to mail out the items. thank you(:

Kei said...

Rating: Positive
Spree: Urban Outfitters #09
Comments: Other than the high costs involved, I have no gripes abt Cynthia's sprees. She is a really nice organizer who replies asap if there's any problem. The lady at the self pick-up location was really nice too :)

Anonymous said...

Urban Outfitters #09

a really friendly and efficient organiser! will definitely continue to work with her(:


Michelle said...

high efficiency =)

cynthia reply her email fast and process the spree fast. trustworthy.

will it from her again =)

becca said...

reliable organizer with many hard-to-find sprees :)

shuwei said...

Delias #07

1st time joining your sprees and definitely not the last;)

Really love the prompt mailing of items and how secure my items were wrapped. Thanks so much Cynthia!=)

Anonymous said...

you're very friendly, prompt :)

looking forward to spreeing with you all the time.

Chloe said...


Forever 21 - Eyelet Trim Halter Dress *NEW!!
Size: Small
Colour: Purple
Price: $42

Feedback: Positive/Neutral/Negative

She answers my questions patiently and her replies to my emails are fast.
Fast dealer; Agrees to pass me the item on the next day after confirmation.
Responsible; Doublehecks with me if I'll be going over to collect the item on the day of collection.
Collection location is convenient (Raffles place).
Dress is in good condition.

RAPIKA(: said...


ASOS spree #5

im impress with how she is able to manage her spree-ers emails and worries. would definitely love to join her sprees again.

keep it up! :D

farrah said...

friendly and responsible spree organiser, v accomodatin.thou updates were not so frequent(she has exams), i'm still a satisfied kid.two thumbs' up (:

Anonymous said...

cannot seem to login ):

received my VS #09 henley! haha so many other sprees but i keep forgetting to feedback. thanks alot alot alot!

mandeeeeee pls :)


jasmine said...

Cynthia's attitude is great. She's efficent and helpful. I'm very satisfied with her service. No complaints! =D!

Josalle said...

Cynthia is a extremely good spree organizer. She will inform me if I left out anything and whenever she recieve any info of the items. You do not need to worry for anything when you are spreeing with cynthia. When u spree with cynthia it will be fast and safe... Once cynthia recieve the items from the concierge and recieve the top up she will mail out your items asap.


1. Fast
2. Safe
3. Willing to help
4. Efficient
5. No worries
6. Reliable

Anonymous said...

I am very comfortable with her. She can be well-trusted. Definitely should join her sprees!

xInya said...

best spree that i`ve joined. clear and fast response!

valeriechua90 said...

Go Jane #16‏

Very efficient, very friendly and very reliable spree organiser! This is my second of third spree with her and i have more sprees with her.. I have no worries at all when i spree with her! Thanks so much cynthia!(:

valeriechua90 said...

Supre #1

Once again, a really really REALLY efficient spree organiser.. what more can anyone ask from a spree organiser? everyone should just spree with her, seriously!!!

CH said...

joined her F21 and Zipia spree! was really efficient in sending out items when they've reached sg! nice (:

sugar - spice & everything nice said...

Cynthia's nice & patient. =) & because of that, you see me coming back for more sprees. I can trust her & so can youuuuu ! :D

Deep inside I hold it tight said...

Cynthis is very sweet and thoughtful. She is as good as what they said she was. :) Excellent and fast service!

C' HERY L said...

good organizer and has good attitude :)

EVA said...



Kai said...

Thank you for your patience with my queries! Great and efficient organizer!

Spree said...

My boyfriend and I placed orders from Forever 21 and it was a pretty big order. More than 300SGD. And they would have to be mailed to Germany. Pretty risque for some to participate in a spree while overseas and with such a big order too. But Cyn makes it seem effortless! We received our items early this week and it made us so happy!! :) thanks Cyn!

*cranky- said...

definitely my fav.
she's been so accomdating and efficient:) job well done!

Miiko said...

This is the second time i ve joined spreeslover f21 spree and once again im very satisfied with Cynthia's service:) Thumbs up!

valeriechua90 said...

F21 #77

Cynthia is 100% reliable and very warm!!!!!!(:

yunyin said...

cynthia is a very efficient n good spreer..very reliable n ll definitely join her spree agn for the 3rd time..she is also very helpful when i cant fit into my dress :) thanks!!

Joan said...

I felt at ease taking part in Cynthia's spree despite it being my first time 'spreeing' with her cause she takes time to answer my questions unlike other spree organisers who only send 2 emails - 1 to confirm payment and another to inform the arrival of items.
All in all, she's really responsible and reliable :D

♪MiCh said...

Am glad to join Cynthia's spree.
It's the first time i bought items from a spree and i am very satisfied with her service (:
She replies fast to mails too.
Great job (:

valeriechua90 said...

Supre #03

Very good spree organizer! Friendly and efficient(:

Holly said...

fast and efficient spree organiser who uodates you of the progress of the spree. (: would love to spree with her again

valeriechua90 said...

mandee #02

it came a lil late but she was really nice and friendly, so it's all good!(:

valeriechua90 said...

VS #11

love cynthia!!(:

Anonymous said...

very effeciency and friendly..
definately would join another spree organized by her again

Theresa said...

Cynthia is very efficient and organized. Responsible and prompt too. Excellent service.

miiko said...

This is my third time spreein with cynthia and shes really very very nice! Very fast and efficient ! Thanks once again babe:)

Kaylee said...

Cynthia is a very friendly and efficient. Responsible and patient with questions. :)

rachy said...

I LOVE CYNTHIA cause she's the friendliest, and most accomodating and flexible in terms of $. she's probably the only organizer that puts the welfare of her customers above all else! been ordering from her for quite long, went to other blogshops as well but.. she's still the B-E-S-T :) HEHEHE

Yenny said...

Really helpful & pleasant conversing with her. Never failed to answer my 1001 questions! She even absorbed my shipping costs when they had to re-ship my item cos it went 'missing' the first time. Awesome awesome awesome spree organizer :)

Anonymous said...

Cyn was really efficient and quick to reply all my enquiries.

Elegance-arts was also very organized and easy to nagvigate.

I anticipating to more good stuffs from her .

thks cyn.

sweets, Nicole

Lena said...

Rly efficient & patient! Thanks for the fab service dear :D

Tiffany said...

good efficiency and friendly seller!
Thank you! Will spree with you again!

Anonymous said...

i'm not new participating in sprees that is conducted by cynthia.Very effecient and trustworthy. :)

from stupid.shit@hotmail

Mayuri said...

fast, have joined a couple of her sprees and i always get my items with no problems :)

atwarwickavenue said...

She's fast and efficient, item received was well packed.




CH said...

She can be trusted and got my stuff 2 weeks after order for zipia spree.

Anonymous said...

She can be trusted. Got my clothes two weeks after i ordered from her.

mary said...

super efficient! mailed my package out when she said she would and i got it really quick. thanks! i also liked it that she included the livejournal post of the item (skirt) i was buying in the email so i didn't have to refer back. :)


Anonymous said...

Friendly and efficient seller - got my instock item within 3 days of payment! :)

Very happy to have found a reliable and trustworthy spree-er like Cynthia!


flashinglightz said...


it's my 1st time spreeing with cynthia but it definitely wont be my last. the fact that she can hold so many sprees at a time yet ensures that the correct item(s) reach her buyers safely & quickly shows what a responsible & efficient person she is. i received my item 2 days after i made payment, really amazed with her service!!!

Jes said...

Fantastic service! My second time now and that in itself explains that i prefer this site so much!Trusting, friendly and helpful.. what more can you ask for :)

Bernice said...

Very efficient and friendly. :D Love joining her sprees very much. <3 Always have a great spree experience with her.

ladollavita said...

Very friendly and efficient :) Items arrived in good condition and perfectly packed ..

Will definitely do business with her again in the future!

-Jessica (Zipia spree)

smg-asd said...

She's really friendly and replies all my emails promptly. And item was nicely packed(:

will definetly join her sprees again!

danielle said...

a really good spree organizer.
replies promptly.

Anonymous said...

very patient, efficient and trustworthy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing supre spree #8 and being efficient! :D Will definitely spree with you again :)

imaskinnykid said...

awesome spree organizer!!!
very trustworthy and nice.
love to spree with her.

gossipsandcraps said...

Topshop #1
4words t desrcibe.
great,nice,efficent &paitence. love spree'g w you!

Well done! and some no link stuffs i'm gonna say, (your mum v pretty!)

gladys said...

Name: gladys
Email: the-secretlife@hotmail.com
Spree joined: topshop #1
Comments: fast and efficient, takes time to reply to my enquires. Thankyousomuch! (:

Diyana said...


Got an instock from her. She is real friendly and when I told her I got lost while looking for the collection shop, she patiently gave me directions :D

I guess I'd be joining one of her sprees too, judging from all the brilliant comments here ^^

Thank you so much!

peejay said...

Name: PJ
Email: peijun10@hotmail.com
Spree joined: tilly's #12
Comments: good job girl, providing spree-ers with the meet up option is awesome since bags and shoes can be pretty bulky. i received my item is good condition :D will def spree with you again!

soap-bubblez said...

Cynthia has made online shopping a breeze! She's really efficient & very reliable(:

looking forward for more sprees from her!


thecompartmentf said...

She's really efficient and notifies as soon as everything gets in place, like chop chop!

Will order again :D

peier said...

great spree organizer. reliable (:

Yiyi said...

I love to spree in elegance arts! had gotten so much of things from the spree & love them all!
very efficient & patient lady who wont hesitate to reply any of my questions regarding of any spree :) always received my items in good condition! would always love to spree in here! keep up the good work :D

jacq said...

really easy to spree with! a spree site that alr has a good customer base, is reliable and can be trusted.

my first choice in spree sites.(:

Anonymous said...

efficient and reliable! :)
thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Fast & affable. =D

m.i.a.o.l.i. said...

Great spree organiser who will update when there is any news. My item and alternative went OOS but Cynthia still bothered to email me to find out if there is another item I would like to order instead. Thanks! I'll definitely with you again!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia is really prompt in replies and updates :) Will not hesitate to spree with her again!

- Helen

lilmissjamie said...

Reliable. Love to spree with you again:)

cigsarescene said...

Spree joined:Topshop
Comments:Very nice understanding and patient. Also gives you clearcut details , would spree with again!

nicole said...

Name: nicole
Email: nicolette929@gmail.com
Spree joined: Topshop #5
Comments: really friendly and sweet organiser, but hope tt more updates will be provided, still thanks for the spree babe :)

ALEEEE! said...

replies promptly n is very efficient. :) would definitely deal with u again ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! elegance-arts.blogspot.com is one of the most outstanding resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. All the best.

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